Run Forrest Run

As some of you may know from reading my bio on my About Me page, I am a runner on the NC State University Cross Country and Track team. This gives me a rare opportunity as a photographer to know what my “clients” are looking for. Many runners want kick ass lighting, a cool setting, and some great running faces. I can tell you, no runner wants that awful picture where their form is all out of wack and they look like a tired slobby gorilla (no offense to the gorillas of the world).

Getting the perfect running/ athletic shot can be extremely difficult and you need to be prepared to work for that great location. While I was at the Nike Cross Country Regionals at Wake Med Soccer Park in Cary, North Carolina, I thought it was a great opportunity to take pictures of a very successful local team while I was there. These girls were tired and exhausted by the time they got to me as they led the team race up the final long hill so getting a good picture where they still look fresh and great is harder than you might think. The best angle for taking these types of pictures is from down low, so squatting on the sideline would be best. Also, do not go all rapid snapshot on them; take your time and “pull the trigger” only a couple times. A professional photographer out of London once told me the best photographers only take 20-30 photos per session which includes sports mode session like these.

Understanding how to take sports session pictures is hard and will take years to perfectly master as I am still trying to learn this type of art. If you want any more tips on sports photography, email me at


Fashion Forward

No one knows fashion better than my roommate and her sister (also my teammates). They are the most fashion forward people I know and throughout this year they have blessed me with the opportunity to take pictures for their blog It is a sister co-owned blog that tells you everything you need to know about the fashion world and shows you their amazing style!
While taking these pictures I have found that lighting is the most important thing in any type of photography; from family portraits to fashion blog posts you have to capture that specific moment the light bounces off the clothes. In a fashion shoot, capturing the color and beauty of the model is everything.
During one of their latest posts, my roommate (Theresa) decided to do a fall and Halloween themed outfit which I was more than happy to do a shoot for. Theresa and I live in a building that has a dark/light grey wall in the parking lot which makes a perfect back drop for these type of fashion photo shoots. The below picture is one of my favorites I have taken of Theresa as it captures a moment that we did not plan and she did not pose for; aka THE BEST MOMENTS TO CAPTURE!
 The backstory to this photograph would be that Theresa was actually looking up at one of our teammates who apparently was staring at her posing for pictures which made her laugh up at her and present a natural beautiful smile.
Capturing someone laughing is a whole other experience in photography that makes for amazing shots! Anything that naturally happens during a photo shoot will make for spot on photographs. Here are some other photos from the shoots I do with Theresa and her sister Olivia! Also, if you love fashion and want to check out their blog the link is!
olivia-fashion blog-welcome back pack dinner
Olivia: white lace dress in a natural caught off-guard photo


halloween full body outfit post
Theresa: gives everyone a chance to admire the whole outfit by tilting her head slightly down to let everyone see all the details from the hat down to the shoes!